How to Choose a Digital Scorer’s Table

As Sports Director or Coach of basketball/volleyball program, you want to elevate your video game environment to be the most amazing, positive place for fans. You want to acknowledge athletes, school spirit, and the community that comes out to support sports. You’ve attempted banners, program guides and vouchers to make it amazing and fundraise at the same time.

The coaches at Mason High School in Mason, Texas saw a chance to do something better. They are a town of 2,000 people who actively support Mason High School. Coach Sherry Keller and Booster Club Treasurer Melinda Baker put a plan together to acquire Sideline Interactive’s basketball digital table. In 2 years because utilizing Sideline’s scorer’s table, they raised over $20,000 by selling sponsorship on the digital scoring tables using Sideline’s advertisement templates. Sponsorship rates vary from $500 to $1,500. With the new money and grants, they continued refurbishing the gym with new scoreboards and enormous LED video board from Sideline Interactive. A trainee remarked, “Wow, the video board makes the whole place appearance high tech. We don’t need a brand-new fitness center.”

Rick Rierson, president of the Lincoln High School in Minnesota, saw similar results. “We sold 22 digital sponsorship ads on the Sideline Interactive 12ft scorer’s table for $500 a year. The advertisers have liked how big the advertisements are and it’s the center of the court. We spent for our table within a month.” In addition to unrestricted sponsorship, coaches can put in a mix of action pictures; emphasize movie, crowd triggers, school statements, and player roster images into the scorer’s table. “We like how you can illuminate the table whenever a 3 point, free throw or time-out is called.” Ben Paul, Athletic Director at Monroeville High in Ohio. With Sideline’s Interactive Game Prompt and Gamer Prompt functions, it permits you to stop briefly the current slideshow, play a 3 point animation, and resume right where the marketing slideshow left off– all at the push on one button! This produces an interactive exciting environment for the fans and another way to increase the worth of your sponsorships! Coaches love Sideline’s ability to play game movie from Hudl, Krossover, Synergy and many other video sources such as camcorders, Netflix, YouTube, and so on. For emergency situations and practices, the tables can be become a digital scoreboard with scoreboard layout particularly for Basketball, Volleyball, Fumbling and other sports. See the Digital Scoring Table in action EVALUATING SCORING TABLES AND VIDEO BOARDS as you assess digital basketball scoring tables and the long term financial investment for your program, consider the following criteria:

  1. How good is the software application?

Does the software application work like the method a scoreboard or scoring table operator would want? How’s the workflow as we move from pre-game to statements to game circumstance? Can we tailor how the software works? How simple is it to utilize? “Sideline Interactive’s Game Presenter is so easy to use. We let our Audio Visual class handle all the discussions and run the software application. They have a great time doing it,” stated Kevin McCaffrey, Athletic Director of University High School in California, who bought Sideline’s 12ft scoring table. Sideline Interactive’s software application is exclusive and written from the ground up for how a scoreboard operator would use it. It is written specifically for a volunteer or 15 year-old teenager to run with its user-friendly interface. They continuously innovate new functions and functions into their software upgrades. Many other companies will bundle an off the rack presentation software or 99 cent apps on an iPad with their scoring table. How can you request changes or get assistance from a business that does not’ control its own software? As Athletic Director, how do you prove the worth of sponsorships? Utilizing Sideline Interactive’s advertisement tracking features, you can produce advertising reports that show how often an ad plays and how long it plays. Show positive rate of return for your ads and hold yourself liable.

  • Technology and Development Will the scoring table deal with our existing scoreboards?

Will it work with videoboards or other TVs we have in the health club? Sideline Interactive’s scorer’s tables work with your existing scoreboard such as Daktronics, Nevco, Fairplay, OES, and other major brand name scoreboard business. Sideline Interactive has a line of video boards that can sync with their scoring tables. Their Game Presenter software can control the scoring table, video boards and other Televisions around your health club.

  • Quality of the item, its Construction As part of the evaluation, you wish to take a look at how the scoring tables are constructed?

 Is it made of particleboard, plywood or metal? The length of time wills it last especially when it’s out in the health club throughout PE? Will it support the weight of kids resting on the table? Will the digital screens be secured when a ball strikes it? “Sideline Interactive’s metal tables are PE proof” Kevin Herron, Athletic Director at Central Heights High, Texas. Sideline’s metal table are constructed to last by taking abuse from ball strikes to the screen, kids resting on tables and the basic usage in a health club environment. The tables are on wheels that one person can quickly boss around and setup.

  • Support how do we get assist?

How is assistance offered? All Sideline’s Interactive’s scorer’s table are Internet made it possible for. Remote support is provided immediately. When a coach calls in for help, their tech support group can visit with a coach and work on the concern together. When it’s 30 minutes before a video game, you don’t have time to worry about the table, their equipment works every time. LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP AND SUPPORT Sideline Interactive’s is intent on long term relationships with customers. We believe Sideline Interactive’s advantages as a best provider of ingenious, high quality scorer’s tables and video boards that are made for schools to quickly run and fundraise with.

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