Cowboy Corgis

Cowboy Corgis

A cowboy corgi is a crossbreed gaining popularity these days. These little dogs might look small in size but you would be amazed to see the energy level in them. People call them little pack with energetic punch.

Cowboy corgi is not recognized by the AKC but they are perfect buddies for the adventurers.

Corgi dogs generally weigh around 24-26 pounds unlike australian cattle dogs which weigh between 35-50 pounds. Corgi dogs are inherited with a short height and long body.

Athletic Body

This breed is cute and adorable and they love to do exercise. They always keep themselves busy. Corgis are herding dogs which generally love the outdoor atmosphere. They need open spaces and a busy lifestyle. You hardly see any corgi dog sitting idle for a long time.

You can take them for a long walk. They love doing athletic activity and playing with toys. 

Intelligent And Smartness

They are born smart, they are gifted with a high level of intelligence, with this level of intelligence they can be trained for any activity. They can become an obedient dog if proper training is provided.

Giving commands is so easy but it becomes worthless when your dog does not follow them. Providing good training with extra patience to corgi dogs can yield good results.

Shedding Problem

Corgis have double coats which helps them stay warm during winters but it’s tough if they stay at home.

They generally shed once or twice a year. Regular brushing and intense care can help to reduce the faller fur.

Adventure Friendly

They are always ready for adventure tasks. They are always up for any outdoor or running after sports ball. They love exploring new places and adapt themselves quite easily. They are very competitive in nature. If you are a running enthusiast then they can prove themselves as the right partner to run with you.

Herding Nature

Corgis comes from the herding group so it’s naturally they have herding behaviour.

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