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Boost Your Business Event Using These Awesome Giveaways

Most businesses will, at some point in their existence, have to do some social events to either build their customer network or grow customer relationships. Whatever the goal of that occasion, one thing is for sure – giveaways matter! Giveaways are things that we usually put little thought into selecting and end up failing to maximize as a good resource to promote your product, service or business as a whole. Many people often feel disconnected from the giveaway and the event, such that once the customer or participant leaves the event, he couldn’t even remember the highlight of that event! So without further adieu, we will now run through the list of some awesome giveaways to boost your business event!


Bobbleheads have always been one of the more subtle yet sincere giveaways during events. A bobblehead can actively serve as a reminder of a particular mascot, product, person or speaker present in that event. An added benefit of a bobblehead is that it is usually placed in a car or desk – maximum visibility for whatever you are trying to promote.

There are several online websites offering customization services for your bobblehead. One such site is BobbleHeadNinja. From there, you can just upload your picture and select your body type and wait for shipping! More details on how to custom your bobblehead can be found on their website.

Remember, bobbleheads can last a very long time, so be sure to put extra effort and thought into deciding what to make into bobbleheads. You would not want to promote something that after 3 months wouldn’t be relevant anymore.


USB Flash Drives are ubiquitous to our everyday work lives. It has become the go-to storage medium for the past 5 years. Gone are the days where you had to burn and sift through countless CDs or DVDs. The best way to use USB Flash Drives as giveaways is to put the resource materials inside the USB flash drive. Be sure to have your company logo on the flash drive! Better yet, design shape or container for the flash drive that represents your product – e.g. a chicken-shaped flash drive for a chicken company!

Go crazy with your creativity for flash drives. It would be better to design the exterior container or shape and just embed the flash drive onto it rather than have the flash drive just with some print. Remember that this is a marketing item more than a flash drive, so package it carefully!


Who doesn’t want free drinks at a party? Better yet, who doesn’t want free drinks to take home? If you do plan to give away bottles of wine, be sure to add a customized label to it. Make sure your message comes across! Also, ensure that the wine you give is on the sweeter side, as not all your guests might be wine connoisseurs, thus having something sweet more than something better will usually be preferred.

Check with the guest list to ensure that the majority of the guests would value wine as giveaways. Failure to do so might make your guests feel that you are insensitive. 

Be sure to proof-read the labels and QA the wine samples before actually deciding to package everything. The worst thing that can happen might be giving bad wine to people. This can bite you in the back!


One cost-efficient but brilliant idea would be to give office supplies to your guests in a business event. Why? Because the majority of these people work for a living! How often have you been on your desk and had to look for a fastener, paperclip, staple wire, a highlighter or a stapler? You can give a container with all these items neatly arranged inside. Of course, don’t forget to brand that container. This is a simple, useful and thoughtful giveaway that will stick with the customer for a long time.

Think through what supplies are usually consumed in the office. These may be as simple as fasteners to as complex as post-it notes. The more thought you put into these supplies shows how much you understand your clients’ needs, and ergo, how much you understand your own business. Who wouldn’t want to do business with that?


Thinking about your guests means that most of them would be businessmen or executives. What better way to give a thoughtful giveaway than by giving them toiletry kits. Remember, these people travel often, if not a lot. Thus, this might be one of the things that they usually will bring. Design a custom carrying case for the toiletry kit and add some premium items inside it to ensure that the recipient will feel your thoughtfulness!

Razors, combs, soaps, shampoo, and personal grooming items are just some of the things that you can place inside the toiletry kit. It’s recommended that you put at least the premium kinds of soap and shampoo to give a feel of luxury, thought and importance to the recipient.

All these things should be considered with the knowledge of your guests, the event you are hosting as well as the overall message you want to send to them. The more you can understand these facets, the easier it would be for you and your team to then select the correct giveaway to match your event.

But at the end of it all, the success of your event is not based solely on your giveaway. It is through the hard work, preparation, content, focus, and products that you offer that would determine the success or failure of that event. The giveaways are just cherries atop the icing on your cake. They don’t make or break it, they just serve to top it off.

Customer understanding and knowledge will still help you in ensuring that your event will succeed with careful planning, good execution, and great collaboration. Good luck with your event!

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