7 Tactics To Handle Social Media Criticism And Negative Comments

7 Tactics To Handle Social Media Criticism And Negative Comments

Do you have massive followers on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram? If yes, you must be receiving appreciation and positive comments for your stories or content. But, not all users are alike! It’s pretty common to see trolls or cyberbullies on the Internet who insult, argue, and annoy the users. So, there are fair chances of getting complaints, criticism, or trolls on your social media posts.

Along with trolls, sometimes, you may end up with an unhappy customer who is likely to express his dissatisfaction online. Whatever the reason is, it is crucial to know the best tactics for responding to the critics or negative comments. So, let’s get started!

Stay Positive And Maintain Your Cool

You might have heard ‘the customer is always right.’ So, if you want to win your customers, you need to stick to this saying, no matter how cruel the comment is. One important thing to know is, whenever you receive a negative comment, all the eyes turn out, waiting for your response. The unhappy customers are waiting for a solution, while the satisfied ones are just waiting to see how well you handle the situation. 

So, never respond with an angry reply! Leaving an angry comment will only make things worse while affecting your credibility among the audience. Instead, respond in a professional, sophisticated manner.

Resist Your Urge To Delete The Negative Comments

The temptation to delete that negative comment from your social media account is understandable. But, doing so can damage your brand’s reputation. The person writing a comment, as well as the other followers, will notice the deletion and assume that the criticism was correct. However, it makes sense to delete negative comments or block words on a Facebook page or Instagram comment section if they are truly offensive. 

Respond Timely But Thoughtfully

If a user has posted something negative, it means they are upset with your services. So, ignoring them isn’t a good idea; it may make your genuine customers feel reluctant to use your services in the future. 

Help combat this thought by responding quickly. Still, you need to be thoughtful in your response. Even if the thing underlying their criticism is out of your hands, it doesn’t validate their concerns. Remember that, and it’s easier to assuage their anger.

Try To Take The Conversation In DM As Soon As Possible

Though it’s important not to delete a negative comment, it’s not necessary to keep the entire conversation public. Once you know your customers’ concerns, persuade them to discuss offline as soon as possible. Make them realize that you are concerned about their problems. You can apologize for the inconvenience they faced. Or, you can message them directly and request to send all the details for customer support. 

If you are initiating the conversation via direct message, leave the Facebook page or YouTube comment box saying that someone will get back to resolve the matter. However, make sure to approach soon, else they’ll feel ignored.

Admit Your Mistake If It Is Appropriate

Despite the best efforts, sometimes the negative feedback or criticism against you may be accurate. Understand that no business run by human beings can be perfect. And, apologizing to the customers in such cases doesn’t show your weakness in any way. Instead, people appreciate the businesses that take charge of their fault and know their responsibility. You can offer a relevant solution and follow up on your promises.

Have A Plan To Respond To Social Media Criticism 

From product issues to employee accusations, every business should have a plan for responding to the different types of criticism. Having someone to monitor social media criticism for your company is a great idea. This way, you can have an eye on the negative comments posted where you can’t assess them easily, for example, Twitter. So, it’s a great way to respond to the criticism you don’t notice.

Know How To Handle The Cyberbullies Or Social Media Trolls

Social media has become a breeding ground for trolls who have nothing to do than causing trouble. Many times, criticism or negative comments targeted at your company are illegitimate. As interacting with such people only encourages them, it’s better to ignore them if you are sure about their identity. Just comment once to say that their claim is inaccurate and maintain your cool.

To Wrap Up

Follow these seven ways to bounce your business back from any criticism on social media. Focus on the genuine customers that are coming up with real concerns. And, don’t waste your valuable time on trolls who have nothing to do with your business. 

Mark Usher

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